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A nationally renowned author, activist, speaker and peace advocate, Dr. David Carlson seeks to create solidarity among peoples of faith and others in an ongoing campaign to work together to advocate for world peace. Through his frequent speaking engagements and prolific writings-both in book and article formats, Dr. Carlson continues to forge a spiritual friendship movement that transcends religious boundaries to witness for peace while offering a meaningful response to religious violence. Dr. Carlson's message of reconciliation and understanding through interfaith dialogue speaks to the scores of people who desire to know followers of other religions in their quest to live in a more peaceful world.

Based on the universal belief that the neighbor has sacred value, Dr. Carlson harnesses the power of the spiritual friendship movement between Muslims and Christians to quell suspicion and hostility and instead encourage people of diverse walks of life to come together with humility and grace.

"The future of religion in the world will either be to build walls of separation and suspicion or to build bridges of understanding and encouragement. I have found a hunger on the part of peoples of faith to come to know one another and to encourage one another, which is another way of saying that many people are looking for bridges."
~~David Carlson

Against the backdrop of violent extremism, most notably perpetrated by ISIS/ISIL and other more recent terrorist groups,
Dr. Carlson writes and speaks on the topic of collectively grieving whenever our American Muslim neighbors are treated with suspicion and even hatred, especially in the aftermath of the tragedy of 9/11 and more recent terrorist incidents. In his eloquent prayer offerings and thoughtful radio and TV interviews, Dr. Carlson urges against anti-Muslim sentiment in our country. Instead he suggests we respond to the divine in others so we can build bonds of trust and mutual respect among peoples of different faiths and belief systems.

As exemplified in his 2011 book, Peace Be with You: Monastic Wisdom for a Terror-Filled World, Dr. Carlson advocates for discovering a new yet ancient basis for genuine peace between Christianity and other religions - especially Islam. "It is time for Christians to use their power to change the conversation and to ponder Jesus' command to treat the stranger as our neighbor and to treat our neighbor not only as ourselves, but as God in our midst," Dr. Carlson writes in his trailblazing book.

An author and religious studies professor at Franklin College - an Indiana liberal arts college, Dr. Carlson continues to underscore this same theme of interfaith dialogue and religious comity in his recently released nonfiction book, Countering Religious Extremism: The Healing Power of Spiritual Friendships, which was published in April 2017.

We invite you to explore this website further to see for yourself how Dr. Carlson continues to change hearts and minds in his quest to witness publicly whenever religion is abused for violent purposes.

New Book Release! => "Let the Dead Bury the Dead"
(September 2017)

In this second mystery thriller by David Carlson, "Let the Dead Bury the Dead" A Christopher Worthy/Father Fortis Mystery #2, a priest is found brutally strangled before the altar of Detroit's St. Cosmas Greek Orthodox Church.

The captain of the Detroit Police assigns her star detective Christopher Worthy to the case, knowing that the interim priest is Worthy's close friend Father Fortis. Worthy's new partner Henderson believes Father Spiro surprised a local thug in the act of stealing a silver altarpiece. This simple solution doesn't sit right with Detective Worthy and Father Fortis. Small clues have led them to believe the killer is connected to the church.

Father Spiro had recently befriended a rabbi. During the final service he led before he died, why did he falter? Was he drifting into senility or simply distracted? Was he hiding a crisis of faith?

To find the Father Spiro's killer, Detective Worthy and Father Fortis will have to work together to blend in and observe the priest's inner circle.

As the case grows colder, Fortis and Worthy worry that the culprit has committed the perfect crime. Yet as they get closer to the truth, neither is prepared for evil that threatens them both.


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