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Democracy Under Fire

Twenty years ago, I spent a summer working on a log cabin in Wisconsin that was built nearly a hundred years ago. My task was to remove the old mortar from between the logs and replace that with new mortar. In a part of one wall, I removed mortar to find old newspapers and magazines…

justice scales


The attorney defending the three men who murdered Ahmaud Arbery looked back at the people sitting in the courtroom and saw something dangerous. No, he didn’t see someone who threatened violence or disruption. He saw two figures who were scarier to him than that. He saw two Black ministers. Ahmaud Arbery was the twenty-five-year-old Black…

newspapers folded piles

Miracle Of The Local Paper

Instead of reading the newspaper this morning, imagine that this local newspaper didn’t come to your house. No, I’m not talking about the newspaper failing to be delivered to your home, but I’m asking you to imagine this local newspaper not existing. If that were the case, those of us who enjoy reading the newspaper…